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1990s Party Decorations are still alive and well. The most popular type of decorations is round party favors. Round Party Favor Basket Decorations Sets include the classic round cake with candles. Add to wish list. This will certainly warm up any celebration with an old school feel. Square Party Favor Basket Decorations Sets include round square and oval-shaped party favor baskets. Add to wish list. Square Round Square Party Favor Basket Set is available in different colors and themes. For a round-shaped themed birthday party or bridal shower, choose from the fun theme colors or the more traditional pink and blue.

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Triangle Round Party Favor Basket Decorations Set is one that combines colors of red, yellow, and green. This set includes a pink round cake topper and pink or blue decorations. For a summer-themed celebration, choose between red and green colors. For the winter party, pick the classic white color. Square Party Favor Basket Decorations are available in all the traditional round colors. Choose to use your own creativity for decorating. The best way to give your gift is by personalizing the gift by hand. This is also a fun idea for children’s parties. Rectangle Round Party Favor Basket Set is another good choice. There are so many different designs and colors, you should be able to find the right one for any celebration. These have matching decorations. The square shapes are perfect for a child’s birthday party or any kind of themed celebration.

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All 1990s party decorations are great for a kid’s birthday party or bridal shower. Try to think outside of the box for some of these themes. A lot of fun is waiting for you. If you are having a themed party, why not think outside of the box? For a fun party, think of the color pink and think of pink party favors and decorations. Pink and orange colors can go well together for a spring or summer-themed party. Mix in some cute little pink and orange party favors and you have a fun way to show your child how much you care. Birthday party decorations that include flowers make an easy addition to any themed party.

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