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Of course, as you probably already know, Ofs Furniture Inc. is located in Naperville, IL, and is a member of the Furniture Stores Industry in the United States. Ofs Furniture Inc.’s primary product is Ofs Carpet & Upholstery Molding. They have manufactured thousands of styles in over forty different fabrics to choose from. Ofs Furniture Inc.’s sales and service numbers have continually risen and they now account for about twenty-five percent of their overall business. Of course, as you will recall, the other half of this equation is connection and people. Connections like those between Ofs and its more than one hundred dealers throughout the United States, as well as with all the distributors they work with worldwide. In this regard, the connection that this giant made to Ofs furniture selection plays a larger role than most people ever realize. The fact of the matter is that it is not uncommon for Ofs to be referred to as a “connection, or a connection point, for almost any kind of business.”

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Perhaps you are aware that Ofs Furniture Incorporated is also a part of the larger trend of modern companies “paying attention” to how their consumer connections are forming and developing. In this regard, you already knew that the “customer interface” plays a larger role than ever in shaping what happens next in your life. Today, this connection plays a larger role than ever. Ofs Furniture Incorporated has always recognized that. This company has been pioneering methods of using the Internet, including its own intranet system that connects its dealers, manufacturers, and customers. This intranet system, now called “The Connect”, is a mechanism for connecting people across the country and around the world by allowing them to purchase products from all over the world while maintaining their relationships with their home office. It takes some guts to put your faith in a company whose origins began in Germany more than 150 years ago. But Ines Furniture plays an important part in helping you experience beauty. In a world where so many people want to see the newest, best and latest products first and foremost, Ines design selection takes you places.

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From the company’s first “web site” of over twenty-one pages of designs and colors, this remarkable company has gone on to develop many more sites, creating a “blend” of traditional and contemporary designs. Not only have they developed new sites, but they have developed “Web farms” throughout the internet. At each of these sites, you will find more information and more products. They have even developed a “new product” every month or two. These sites, along with the company’s stores, are a great help to those who are looking for unique, original, and affordable furnishings for their home. Ines Furniture believes that beauty should come from the outside and not just be seen. That is why, each time you shop at Ines Furniture, you can make a better choice and thus be closer to achieving your desire. The company believes that people should live a life of beauty, which is what you will experience at each of their internet stores. Ines Furniture has become a leader in the world of home furnishing.

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