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If you’re in the market for Schneiderman’s Furniture, chances are that you also happen to be an avid birder. The company, founded in 1902 by Carl Schneiderman, is best known for creating high-quality, affordable outdoor furniture that’s easy to love and play with. A true American success story, Schneiderman’s has locations throughout the United States, as well as Canada, all of which offer you and your family access to the utmost in peaceful wilderness. When you decide to buy Schneiderman’s patio furniture, wicker patio sets, or any of their other products, you’ll find yourself being treated like royalty. It may be that royalty has been hanging around waiting for you to come and reclaim your title. One of the most popular collections offered by the Minnesota-based furniture giant is their “Lilac Lake” collection, which features furniture pieces from six different lakes across the state. The six lakes feature a star symbol, each one representing a different part of the state. For example, Lake Calhoun is famous for being the site of a legendary mutiny among U.S. soldiers during the Civil War. This iconic location offers visitors an opportunity to hear intriguing stories about the area’s rich history. Another lake in Minnesota, Lake Vermillion, is recognized as an area of natural beauty with abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

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Because of its connection to the state of Minnesota, the “Lilac Lake” collection includes furniture from the” Prairie architecture” style, a design that emphasizes natural materials and uninterrupted visual space. Lake Calhoun’s star tribune series features elegant iron sandstone furniture, while the largest furniture collection in the “Prairie architecture” style consists of handcrafted wooden pieces. With the “Lilac Lake” furniture set, you will also find an iron-grained wood that is beautifully complemented by dark-toned blues and browns. In addition to the six percent walnut frame, this furniture collection also contains a nickel cabinet door and a corner shelf. In addition to its connection to Minnesota, the “Habaska Ironwood” collection features five-piece dining room and bedroom furniture sets, which are constructed using the highest quality Western Red Cedar. Each piece in the series is handcrafted using the finest iron on the market. In addition to the five-piece set, this furniture line also includes an entryway set with coordinating accent chairs and a bedroom set with an iron bed. The “Habaska Ironwood” line also has a walnut dresser and mirror and includes accent tables and a bookcase.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why buyers should purchase furniture from the Minnesota furniture store that specializes in Schneiderman’s. Purchasing any furniture from this particular company will provide a person with additional storage space, protect them from harsh environmental elements, and enhance their home’s beauty and overall value. This is certainly something anyone in the northern part of the state or in the entire metropolitan area should think about when shopping for the best products in the marketplace today. If you’re interested in knowing more about this furniture store and the products they sell, you can find Schneiderman’s website from the comfort of your home. However, if you would prefer to speak with a representative from the company before making any purchases, you may contact the store by phone or mail. Either way, you will be able to view all of the available products and discuss your personal preferences with a trained sales representative. Whether you live in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or any other part of the northern Minnesota area, this type of general store that specializes in durable hardwood furniture should be considered when searching for quality, attractive furnishings.

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