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Steampunk Furniture is the latest fashion for handmade, unique decorative items that combine classic Victorian or Industrial themes with the newest technological advances. It’s been called “hippie luxury” furniture; so it might be the perfect decorative touch for your home during the holidays! For the uninitiated, steampunk is an alternate method of design and manufacturing. Some say it was a response to Victorian times when the wheels of industry were transforming art and crafts into everyday machinery; while others say it was simply a by-product of the industrial revolution.

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A quick review of steampunk furniture reveals everything from coffee tables, cabinets, desks, dressers, bookcases, lamps, and even steam lamps (think Victorian lighting) that use natural materials such as copper, brass, iron, brass plating, black iron, cast aluminum, and other metallic finishes to bring an edgy look to your home decor items. The most popular novelty item is probably the iconic steam-powered toilet, which can be found in all sizes, colors, and finishes. There are several different manufacturers of this handcrafted piece. The ultimate Victorian bathroom vanity cabinet will feature a hand-carved antique bronze base and top accented with colorful Victorian finials and fittings, a chrome “S” shaped front knob with vintage brass hardware, and a front plaque that has the words “Duchess of Charity” and” Manufacturer of Modern Silk” etched on the plaque.

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Steaming up your home decor with steampunk furniture doesn’t have to be limited to the bathroom. Your living room or family room can also benefit from these quirky and fun pieces. You can find many pieces online or at antique stores that specialize in this type of furniture. In addition to the Victorian vanity pieces, you can also find lamps and light bulbs that are modeled after the era. One of the nicest parts of steampunk furniture is the lightbulbs that you can find. Typically you will find these modeled after vintage radios, but you can also find modern pieces as well. These light bulbs typically feature a glass bulb with a bulb disc on the inside. You can even find them in pieces with a unique twist, such as an egg shape or a globe.

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Although you can find all types of steampunk furniture online, you might want to take some time to visit a local flea market or second-hand store to find some of the older pieces first. It is never a bad idea to check out the pieces first hand to make sure they still work. You can find a lot of beautiful steampunk living room decor items in old antique shops as well. If you are looking for some great deals, check out online auctions for eBay and Craig’s list, which often have fantastic bargains on older pieces. The selection at flea markets and second-hand stores are just as wonderful as the pieces found at online stores. Steaming up your home with the steamy look of Victorian-era furniture is pretty easy to accomplish. You simply need a few key pieces, a little creativity, and a whole lot of imagination. Find a Victorian lamp that fits perfectly into the setting you have created, and then add the accents with pipe and candle holders, mirrors, and vintage clocks. In no time you will have a lovely Victorian decor set up that adds a touch of Victorian nostalgia to your home. You can build this type of look all on your own, or you can choose to have professional help complete this project for you.

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