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With a wealth of colors and textures that lend themselves to any taste and mood, Tropical Home Decor is the perfect backdrop for a luxurious retreat or weekend getaway. The calm sea breeze and calming colors that accompany this tropical theme are just as important as the tropical plants that bring it all to life. If you’ve never experienced living in a tropical paradise, then you’re missing out on one of the most relaxing, affordable, and rewarding ways to enjoy nature’s bounty. Tropical home decor, like tanned palms and emerald-green seas, gives your tropical retreat the groundwork for your tropical retreat.

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Relax in a sun-kissed dining chair made of lush tawny sand or perch upon an oak-looking bar stool to savor a delicious coconut meal. Store colorful beach towels in a wide chest of handwoven rattan drawers or sink into a comfortable accent chair cushion made of palm fronds and luscious leaves. Or let the lush flowers and grasses give way to a refreshing drink. If tropical home decor isn’t quite your thing, you can still decorate your home in this tropical theme. Take advantage of beautiful tropical plants and flowers that grow beautifully throughout the tropics. Choose from a myriad of tropical vegetables and fruits to fill your plates and refrigerators, then layer the fresh tropical fruit and veggie mixture with an assortment of fresh tropical herbs and spices to create a tantalizing tropical treat.

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A range of exotic cheeses can be placed in exotic glass and bottle holders, and a pair of tropical wooden spoons adorned with ornamental accents can serve as the perfect serving bowls for delicious tropical cocktails. While the tropical home decor is fun and luxurious, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Instead of opting for tropical bedding, head to discount stores and antique shops that specialize in classic and unique tropical decor. A variety of tropical-themed sheets and pillow covers can be found online and at local department stores that offer items at discounted prices. And you might want to add an extratropical touch to the bathroom by finding a set of palm fronds or tropical bird bath salts and a pair of tropical seashells to add a splash of color and style to your toiletry bag.

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